My name is Nathalie.

I am 30 years old and a Franco-British citizen. But I really consider myself a citizen of the world.

Since a very young age, my parents have always made me travel the world with them, which later on turned me into a travel obsessed woman. With the love of travel came a love for photography, so every topic related to travel on this blog will come with its share of images, which I hope you will enjoy.

I was never a very sporty girl. I decided at age 15 that it was much more interesting to go out with my friends and flirt with the boys than to study or take part in any sports activities. I made up for the studying part quite fast, but the sport part didn’t come until a much later stage.

At age 23, I was on a weekend getaway with some friends, where I discovered rather aggressively a sport called the Swedish Fit. I say aggressively because at that point it had been almost 10 years since I’d last practiced a sport properly. So I suffered a LOT through that first Swedish Fit session. And not only did I realise I needed to take up sports again, but I realised I was also hooked. So I signed up to more classes and very quickly, I was going 3 times a week.

I then moved to London for work and quickly discovered a gym next to my work. They didn’t have Swedish Fit, but a whole lot of other activities, including yoga. I became addicted to yoga as soon as I took my first class, and that love story has never ended.

Finally, at age 26, I was hit with a massive acne breakout. It took me over three years to get fully rid of it. After many pill trials and other medication, all of which had no effect except perhaps making it worse, I realised that rather than fixing the problem on the outside, I had to fix it from the inside. So I started looking into nutrition and fixing myself from the inside out. It took a long time to realise I had to take action but once I did, it took less than a year to fix me. Now I only have a few scars left, which are gradually leaving me alone too.

Today, I have reached a stage and an age where I feel I want to share all these aspects of my life. My diet as it is now, my yoga journey, and basically anything that is helping me evolve towards and turn into the better human being that I wish to be.

I hope you enjoy sharing these bits of life with me. Namaste.