My Very First Blogger Recognition Award

Never in a lifetime of a blogger did I ever think I would be nominated for an Award! Blogging is one of my passions and although a very time consuming one, I like to think that it brings a little smile or a touch of help to my readers.

First of all, I really want to thank the beautiful Neelie (blog: Neelie’s Next Bite), who owns an amazing blog all about travel and lifestyle, for her nomination. Girl, you are awesome and I am so happy that your blog is turning into your professional activity!

Before I pass on the nomination to my 15 favorites, here are the rules of the award: 

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
2. Write a post to show your award.
3. Write a short story on how your blog started.
4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
5. Choose 15 bloggers you want to pass this award on to.
6. Comment on each of their blogs to let them know they have been nominated and provide a link to this post.

I have actually been blogging for a long time but only found my true voice very recently. I went from writing poetry, to sharing pictures, to travel writing to my current blog, Nathalie Yogini. People often say I am quite a creative person, which is why I tried lots of things before I decided I would just regroup it all into one single blog. I don’t write much poetry on here but I do try to keep my love for travel and photography alive. I have also added yoga and nutrition sections, two passions of mine which have always been buried deep inside but officially surfaced almost a year ago now. I try to help my readers find their healthiest and most peaceful selves by giving advice on how yoga and good nutrition can literally change your life. I am also currently working on a program and an E-Book that will help people with skin issues heal themselves from the inside out.

My advice to new bloggers would be don’t listen to other people’s advice too much (I know, it’s a little paradoxal but hear me out 😉 ) What I mean is: when I first started blogging, people would tell me ‘you need to find a niche or a specific subject and just stick to that’ I also heard a lot of ‘there are thousands of travel blogs out there, you need to pick something more specific’. At the end of the day, your blog is a reflexion of YOU and only YOU. It is not created to make other people happy, it is first and foremost created for YOU to share what YOU are passionate about and there are bound to be plenty of people on the planet who are passionate about those same things. So don’t overthink it too much and follow your instinct and your heart. ❤

Now onto my nominations! They are in no particular order, but I love them all because they are so unique to their owners – some of which I have already met physically. I love the blogging community and I thank each and every single of my readers and followers for their ongoing support!

LeeAnn from LeesHealthyLife

Mara from She Smiles Yogi

Flora from Flora the Explorer

Tracy from The Feminine Code 

The Nubry Sisters from Nubry

Danielle from DB’ZKNEEZ

Pascale from Pascale Gibon

Christy from When Women Inspire

Pearl from The Pearly Life 

Gabi from Cooking without Limits

Jyothi from The Friendly Epicurian

Niki from The Richness of a Simple Life

Tamara from The Purple Almond

Sascha from The Stylish Dreamer

Bea rom Beafreee


Congratulations to all of you!

With love,



5 thoughts on “My Very First Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Well-deserved Nathalie! As someone who has been following your blogging journey for awhile now it’s really nice to see how it all comes together on this blog. Congratulations again 🙂 xx


  2. Tracy - The Feminine Code says:

    Hey Natalie,

    My dear friend you have come a long way, from when we first met at the blogging meetup just over a year ago.

    You have grown and developed your blogging and your passion for yoga and nutrition in a way that seems so natural for you. You found your B-Spot from being YOU and that is what matters the most. Now you have developed a wonderful community and continue to grow and educate in the best way ever, which is authentically YOU.

    I congratulate you on all of your recent successes and those that are yet to come. I also want to thank you for listing me as one of the your nominated blogs. I am truly honoured.

    Wishing you lots of love, light and laughter on your life and blogging journey.

    Tracy xoxo


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