How To Crow Prep

Hello friends!

So a few of you reacted to a post I put up on my Instagram account showing a Crow Pose on my boat and asked for tips on workouts and preps to find your crow.

So I put together a little video to show you some of the moves I do that enabled me to find my crow and work on strengthening it further.

So there are three parts that I work on for crow: arms, abs and hips. You will need to have strong foundations in all three in order to get to a place where you are comfortable with your crow. So without further ado, let’s start building that strength!

We start off with wrist and arm warm up in order to activate our muscles and tendons and get them ready for the balance. Having open and warmed up shoulders will also help when you have to position your knees onto your arms. This is probably the most important section of all three so do make sure to spend the appropriate time on this particular warm up if you want to avoid hurting yourself if you fall off balance.

Secondly we focus on our abs. They need to be activated in order to hold the pose and float off the mat and onto the hands without putting all the strain on the wrists. They are also very important as they will stop you from just resting your knees onto your arms and potentially ending up with a lot of bruises so engage the abs and it will no longer be an issue as most of the balancing strength will be concentrated on your core rather than on your arms.

Thirdly we focus on the hips. This may sound weird for an arm balance, but ensuring your hips are open will help you position your knees correctly onto your arms, help your lower legs come higher towards your buttocks and contribute to engaging your core whilst floating and staying up.

You will find some soft balancing poses towards the end of the video to show you how you can find your balancing point before actually trying to float everything up. 

Finally: Don’t be afraid! We all failed before and we all face-planted. Just make sure you have a pillow in front of you or something soft in case you were to lose your balance. Be patient with yourself! It probably won’t happen on the first try but be persistant and patient and don’t get frustrated. It’s a learning curve and you will get there once your body is ready for it!

I hope you enjoy the video, please leave your comments, thoughts, feedback or e-mail me any questions you may have by filling out the Contact Form and I’ll be happy to help😊

Get in touch! I’d love to find out if I’ve helped you advance in your practice 💙

PS: I shot the video at my parents’ house and my mum walked by a couple of times, which is why you’ll see me looking around and talking: I wanted to make sure she wouldn’t accidentally walk past me and ruin it all 😝

Video Sped up x2


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2 thoughts on “How To Crow Prep

  1. Good instructions and video is also great.. thank you.. you made crow pose easy for those who struggle to do it like me😊 Will try and let you know..


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