The Travel Easy Yoga Guidebook

Hi friends!

Well, this is it. We have now made it back to London and life has picked up very fast already!

I’ve had close to no time to actually sit and do nothing, which in a way is good and in a way isn’t so good. I had told myself I would give myself a whole week to just bum around, but here I was, already having my first prospect meetings, signing back into the gym and attending some classes and last but not least attending my daily evening classes in nutrition.

My first real social outing didn’t happen before Friday and yet I got so busy it felt like I’d never even left.

As you know, travel is a huge part of my life and although it brings so much happiness to my heart, it is less easy on my body.

So before I left, I put together a Travel Easy Yoga guidebook, which proved to be extremely handy as I was hopping on and off never ending bus journeys and taking a couple of long haul flights.

We all know that sitting down for hours on end is bad for the body and especially the back. And that’s without counting the added factors of little leg room, bumpy roads / turbulence and of course, altitude.

In my guidebook, you will find 14 pages of advice and postures to adopt before, during and after your plane / train / bus / car journey. It is a selection of the best poses to unwind the neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, legs and arms. Plus a bonus pose at the end for help with blood circulation in the legs.

This guidebook was my go to bible every time I was getting ready to hop on a bus in South America and it really helped me cope much better than I would have without anything.

So, if you are a regular traveler yourself or if you are planning a holiday trip soon that involves sitting in transports, do not hesitate to download my E-Book! It will walk you through every step to help you feel comfortable  throughout your journey and help you recover faster after you’ve arrived.

Oh and I almost forgot: the E-Book is completely free 🙂 so go ahead and click the link below to download it and be sure to send me your feedback!


With love,



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