How I became a travel and photography addict

This will be my last article to lay down the basics of who I am and where I’ve come from. After I’ve shared the roots of my yoga and nutrition passions, I now want to tell you how I became a travel and photography addict. 
It all started before I was even born…

My mother, who grew up in the Midlands of England, traveled to France at a very early age. She had always been attracted to the French language and culture and wanted to discover more by moving there. She traveled to several regions in France before landing in Paris where she met my father.

My father was born in Northern France and at a very early age moved to Nouméa in New Caledonia with my grandmother, uncle and aunt. He lived there for about ten years before moving back to Paris to finish his high-school studies. He met my mother during his uni studies. 

So as you can see, my parents were already quite the travelers and it carried on after they met and once I was born. It still carries on today. 

The first long distance trip I took was to Montreal. I was barely two years old. I don’t remember any of it, but my parents do because on that trip I developed the chicken pox 🙈 we never went back together but Montreal is on my grown up bucket list because well, I don’t remember my last trip there 😝

Ever since then, half of our yearly holiday allowance was spent traveling the world, mainly to sunny destinations during cold European winters. 

To this day, the top destinations that truly moved me and that I would really recommend are Cuba and Australia. Both destinations could not be more different from each other, which is why I love them both for completely different reasons. 

My latest 5 month trip around south America with my boyfriend is my newest addition, and I would especially recommend Machu Picchu, Uyuni, Valdes Peninsula, Torres del Paine and Easter Island. I will develop further on each destination in future posts to explain why.

As for my passion for photography, I can’t really explain where it came from. I guess travel and photography go hand in hand. You want to remember everything that you see and rather than relying on memory, might as well be able to look back at them. 

I’ve had cameras for as long as I can remember, even when they were just dispensable cameras and I was 13 years old. Today I have much better cameras and a phone, and am capable of taking thousands of pictures in just a few days. 

I find everything has a soul. Whether it’s a human, an animal, a building or a  landscape, I love to try and bring out the soulful side of it. I don’t know if it really transpires to anyone else than me 🙉 but I guess that if I take each shot lovingly then hopefully it’ll show in my work 🦋

I look forward to sharing some of my photography work and travel stories with you and can’t wait to hear your thoughts on them!

With love,



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