How I developed a passion for nutrition

Last week I shared with you all the reasons why I started yoga. I also shared the reason why my blog is split up the way it is. This is why after I spoke of my love for yoga and before I speak of my addiction to travel and photography, today I will focus on how my passion for nutrition came about. 

As a teenager and uni student, I was never very interested in what I was putting in my body. Throughout high-school most of my diet was composed of fries with mayo, Nutella panini, coffee and cigarettes. At uni, it changed into kebab, fries with mayo, cigarettes, coffee and alcohol.

Once I started working, the diet became more varied but the quality was still questionnable. A lot of pasta, pizza, bread, cheese, cream…  

Until one morning at 26 years old, right before heading back to London for a new job, I woke up with the start of an acne outbreak. Throughout my teenage years I’d never been a victim of acne so waking up one morning with several red and painful cysts was quite shocking. I initially thought it was linked to my birth control pill not being adapted anymore, which it probably wasn’t, but after seeing several doctors who made me try countless pills and face washes/creams which only made me put on weight and did nothing for my acne, I decided to stop all the nonsense and handle the problem by myself. As a last resort, I was offered to go on Accutane but after all the horrible things I’ve heard regarding how aggressive the treatment is, I decided I’d put my body through enough already and it was time to stop.

I started reading a lot of literature online and eventually realised that the problem was probably coming from the inside and what I was eating. So step by step, I stopped eating certain types of foods which are said to be inflammatory, such as Gluten or Lactose to see if it would have any effect. And it did! My acne started to go away and within 10 months, I was pretty much left only with the scars. My skin has now been pretty clear for 1.5 years and the scars have pretty much all gone away.

How do I know it was linked to the food you ask? Well, I don’t. But what I do know it this: during our south American trip, there was a whole period of about 3 weeks when I had no choice but to eat bread every day. And guess what… The acne started coming back. I stopped bread and it went away again. But I will develop this further in a future post. 

The whole experience made me realise just how important it is to be aware of what I am putting inside of my body. It has also taught me to pay as much attention as I can to what my body is telling me. Because once the body has been impacted by some bad habits, it takes a while to cleanse itself properly. If you think about it: it took 1.5 years for me to realise I needed a change of diet, and that resulted in the same amount of time to clear everything up… 

Remember this though: although your skin is your biggest organ and it is where your body dumps the toxins when it doesn’t know where else to dump them, the effect of those toxins on your body won’t necessarily manifest in the form of acne or rash on your skin. Sometimes, you will develop certain symptoms without even realising they have any link to your food! 

With time, the interest in my food took on a life of its own. Now I am in a place where I learn more and more every day on how to really eat properly, the benefits of certain foods and drinks, the use of superfoods, allergy replacements and alternatives etc… 

So the aim of this blog is also to share what I learn, give out tips and recipes and hopefully useful information for the community and communicate with whoever is interested in the subject too.

I can’t wait to share my first thoughts on the subject of nutrition with you all!! 🤗🤗🤗

Much love,



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