The story behind the blog

Hello dear readers! In case I haven’t repeated it enough in my Welcome and About pages, I am Nathalie 🤗🤗

I have created this blog with the idea of writing all about the things in life that make me happy, sad, curious, fulfilled, questioned, challenged… But where did the idea of doing so actually come from?

Well it all started about 3 years ago. I have been blogging for a few years now but 2014 is when I decided to get serious about it.

People around me kept telling me if I wanted to get more engagement I should pick a specific subject and stick to it. Problem is, I have several subjects that I’m interested in…. What should I choose? After much thinking I decided to go for travel because that would enable me to at least showcase two of my passions: travel and photography.

Fast forward 2.5 years, I have written quite a few pieces for my blog, but I don’t feel satisfied because I don’t feel I can talk about everything I wish I could talk about.

November 2015, I take my first online nutrition course. I realise how passionate I am about the subject and about helping people lead healthier lives. But unfortunately I do not get to finish the course due to bad timing. So although my knowledge as far as it goes within the course is full, I am missing the certificate.

April 2016, I quit my corporate job and decide to set on an entrepreneurial adventure. So I set up my company as a marketing consultant. During 6 months, I go out of my way to find clients and it works! I start getting my first clients, things go well and I get some referrals on LinkedIn. But most of all, I learn so much. So much more in 6 months than in 7 years working for companies.

September 2016, I take my yoga practice to the next level and start practicing every day. I realise how much I love the physical but also the spiritual links to yoga. And I start thinking I’d love to share my love of yoga with other people. So I open up an instagram account to see if I can connect with like-minded people. And boy, do I find some amazing people to connect with!

October 2016, I set off on a 6 month adventure traveling around south America with my boyfriend. We go to Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile. We are actually currently still there! I am still working for my clients whilst visiting amazing places and of course, I keep working on progressing with my yoga practice.

During our trip, my boyfriend and I talk. To each other of course, but also a lot to other fellow travellers and local people. We discover, open up our minds to this world and all that it has to offer. We slowly come out of our corporate European shells. Hopefully for the better.

This is when I realise I don’t want to listen to what people think anymore. I want to talk about what I enjoy talking about and not choose a subject in particular. I have connected with so many people over the last 6 months, whether online or in flesh, why should I just stick to that one subject that although I love, isn’t a full, 100% me?

So I present to you my new blog, nathalieyogini. This blog will be about my travel and photography but also about keeping connecting with my yoga community and trying to answer all the questions we ask ourselves as we advance in our practices. It is about sharing my love for healthy food and my knowledge on what good and bad foods do to us along with recipes of what I make for myself and what works for me. Finally it is about sharing who I am, including my fears and insecurities and the less glamorous things I went through in my so far short life.

I hope you all find some form on interest in the blog and that you will feel inspired to engage and connect further with me and share your experiences, findings, knowledge and points of view 🦋💜

With love,



3 thoughts on “The story behind the blog

  1. Kaitlin says:

    Hey Nathalie! Yay for starting and ignoring the haters 😀 I can’t tell you how impressed I am with your nerve and strength to quit your corporate job and set up your company :O I dream of travelling wherever/whenever I want but can’t shake the feeling that it’s something I just can’t do. Looking forward to more posts 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Kaitlin! Ahhh thank you so much girl! I understand, it’s not an easy decision but sometimes it is so necessary to get a new outlook on things! I have no idea where my company will go and maybe in 6 months I’ll be back at working for someone because it won’t have worked out. But no matter what happens I’ll never stop trying over and over to be my own boss and make it work. Don’t beat yourself up though! We all have our own journeys in life and I’m sure one day you’ll wake up with the answer right in front of you 😘 sending you all the love and thank you so much for your support! 💖💖


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